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Welcome to SpinnerArmy.Com wholesale Finger Toy  Section. We have a very friendly MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY (MOQ) of 20 Pieces Per Each Style of Finger Toys Mix And Match colors is no Problem . These are the hottest selling items this Christmas and are sold out everywhere as you are aware. The closer to Christmas we approach the more valuable they will become and people will start overpaying for them like they did with hatchimals last years where they were selling for as high as $1000 last year on eBay. Please be aware that there are multiple version of these type of toys on the market. Some are just Plastic with no movements that go for $2-$4 each. There are Some cheap electronic version that just lights up and makes sound but is not interactive at all and they go for $5-$8 each. We sell the full 6 functions Interactive Toys with many many movements and around 40+ sounds. They have eyes that blink, they respond to touch, they can shake their head or be put to sleep. These are top quality on the market and the one everyone wants. We have many people that buy from us and sell on EBAY, AMAZON, FAIRS, LOCAL STORES, FLEA MARKETS, GIVEAWAYS, CHARITY FOR KIDS, ETC. So you can join in on the action and make some extra income.

(Please be aware that there are other 6 function interactive monkeys on the market with inferior quality that are less expensive, they have very low sound and have very slow reactions that are not fluid) (we can a send video that will show you the difference between a quality Finger Toy vs an inferior quality finger toy)

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