Plus Size 12 Sided Fidget Cube

Plus Size 12 Sided Fidget Cube

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You are looking at a brand new, never been opened Fidget Cube. The Fidget cube is a great gadget for anyone who can't keep their hands still. Even if you can these are a great tool to relax with while sitting at a desk, waiting room or anywhere you have a free hand. These have also been proven to be wonderful for help with Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimers.  It gives them something to fidget with and stimulates the senses.  These come in BLACK, GREEN, & WHITE.  If a color is not specified in the notes at checkout, random colors will be shipped.  Please ask any questions you may have before purchase.  The cube has twelve different features and is made of a plastic material.

Fidget cube features:

1.Gears:Three Gears on the side, which can be turned and rolled, making a tinkling sound. 

2.Rotating Dial:If you want a round dial , you can try this. 

3.Buttons:The buttons With good texture are made of ABS , a fast and easy way to experience the pleasure of buttons. 

4.Silicone Ball:It feels soft and comfortable to touch with great elasticity. 

5.Switch:The button type of light switch, which provides a good experience of switching feeling. 

6.Joystick:360 degree movable joystick, which can be rotated in all directions. 

7.Silicone string:The silicone string is adjustable and can be hung anywhere in case of missing. 

8.Soft Button:If you usually like press the top of ballpoint pen, you can try this. 

9.Soft Silicone:Fine and Soft touch, which can massage and promote blood flow of the fingers. 

10.LOTOS:Rubbing this side frequently with your fingers, which can effectively relieve the stress and anxiety. 

11.Sliders:Moving the sliders and adjusting your own pace of life. 

12.Minions:You can pinch Minions' cute faces as you wish cause they will never get angry.



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