Brass Hand Spinner

Brass Hand Spinner

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Material: Brass +Stainless Steel
Function: EDC Toys, Hand Spinner,Fidget Spinner
Packing size: 10 * 10 * 10 cm
Gross weight: 300 grams
Packing: packing carton
Rotation time: 4-6minutes



Very suitable for irritable hands, ADD Attention Adverbial clause: ADHD patients help to alleviate the pressure

Suitable for adult children. Adverbial: Perfect size

, Easy to carry, small size, simple operation, discrete and fun, but also effective focus and deep thinking

Ceramic center bearings, SLA technology, laser industry molding technology resin materials, you accompany in the year by year

In such a way: to maintain fine-tuning, one hand with the other hand quickly rotating it with a small continuous blow, so that with the practice of indefinite spinning, spinning plant with a hand can only finger-spinning contrast stopped Start rotation



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